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When looking to add something unique, yet personal to your home, office, or space, custom millwork may just be the thing you’re looking for. When it comes to custom millwork, UpBeat Upholstery & Design is the place to go. Established and developed in Brooklyn, NY, UpBeat offers high-end millwork and custom design and upholstery for residential and commercial applications.

Boasting a difference in the details, UpBeat Design knows that quality matters most to interior designers, architects, business owners and homeowners. That is why careful expertise is applied to every-item that enters their possession.

To get a better idea of UpBeat Upholstery & Design’s distinctive work, take a look at a few of their current projects.

Base Moulding

There is nothing more common than a base moulding on a home; however, UpBeat’s team believes even the most mundane features of a home can be turned into something extraordinary. For example, UpBeat is currently working on a base mould that uses wood in its natural state. Rather than using chopped wood to place at the base of the home, the wood looks as if the bottom of the tree grew around the base of the home. Think it sounds cool? It looks even cooler. Check out a picture here.

Wine Storage

Wine should never be called mundane, yet it is something that is more commonplace than not. But once again, that doesn’t mean that it can different and stylish. UpBeat is currently working on a wine storage project that incorporates style and practicality. They made good use of the space under the stairs by taking the empty wall and integrating storage holes. Take a look at the finished product here.

Custom Pieces

Outside of in-home design and millwork, UpBeat also creates custom furniture and pieces. The team recently designed a unique statement chair to add to any living space. Here is a picture of half-way through the project, and here is the finished version.

UpBeat Upholstery & Design recently finished a kitchen renovation cabinetry project. Beginning with the stripping of all previous kitchen cabinetry, the team essentially started from scratch (pictured here). Over the course of a few weeks, the team sanded, built, and restored the wood as a base for the cabinets. After getting the structure prepared, as pictured here, the team returned for install day. Once everything was in place, the cabinets were finished with a coat of black paint. Check out the finished product here.

No matter the project or idea, UpBeat Upholstery & Design has got you covered. With over 14 years of experience, this company has the expertise, the passion, and the quality needed to create the perfect accent to your space.