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While wood is a highly durable material, it experiences damages and dulling like any other material on a daily basis. For furniture that still has a lot of good years left to give but just needs repairs and a good polish, there are some creative and affordable ways to restore old furniture to renew its natural beauty and strength.

Abrasion Repair

It is inevitable that wooden furniture will begin to develop superficial dents, scratches, and other minor abrasions as it’s used and moved. Before a trip to the home improvement store results in an expensive wood repair polish purchase, there is a home remedy you should consider first. This abrasion repair mixture consists of canola oil and white vinegar mixed with time and effort. A good dose of this should have minor scratches and dings repaired in no time.

Severe Damage Repair

When the time comes that a beloved piece of furniture has received a significant bit of damage that cannot be fixed or hidden, it will be time to utilize a more heavy duty method of repair; this is where a substance called Bondo will be of use. Bondo cannot be used for all repairs, such as broken or cracked legs, but for shallow holes in wooden surfaces, Bondo can act as a wood filler to help restore the integrity of the furniture.

Natural Restoration

Regardless of how much care is taken with wooden furniture, it can begin to lose its natural glow over time. Exposure to sunlight, constant friction and loss of moisture can cause wood’s natural color to fade. Coconut oil happens to be an excellent moisturizer for old, dull wood. It will restore the wood’s natural color and replenishes its lost moisture.

Removing Layers of Paint

Sometimes, a piece of furniture is inherited or purchased that is many years old and coated with many years of paint. The layers of paint on the furniture may not match the surroundings of its new home, or the owner may wish to restore the furniture to reveal its natural wood aesthetic. Regardless of how the furniture became coated in layers of paint, the need to remove all of the layers can be satisfied using a paint stripping product, a paint scraper, and a handful of other tools. This method can eliminate not only paint but also a ruined layer of stain that needs to be redone.